Bestival / June 11th - 12th, 2016 / Toronto Island, Canada

The Cosmic Commune


The Cosmic Commune is the intergalactic hub of far out happenings, trippy activities, pop-up parties and performances, making it the eccentric centre of all things Beyond the Music at our Woodbine Park jamboree. Hosted by the inimitable Silver Elvis don’t miss his space age rock & roll feats or his sleek silver ride The Rocket Car that will come to life when Elvis is in the building.

Expect madness and mayhem from Galexy Maker: sharing an Ecstatic Dance Concert, featuring the talents of mystical musician, sound healer and sage, Darren Austin Hall, the dazzling guitar mastery of Stephen Bahnesli and the electronic wizardry of Patrick O’Reilly in a salutary sonic melange of live ecstatic dance music, inspired shamanic improvisations and sacred healing sounds with Sound Healing Workshops and Shamanic Soundbaths.

Be amazed by a specially commissioned SuperGalactic Operatta paying homage to the 5th Elements Diva Opera, featuring soprano Tonia Cianciulli of Wish Arts, swoon at our drag-tastic Queen of the Universe Pageant, marvel at the trippy theatre of Cowboy Mouth performed by Frolick Theatre – with music written by Patti Smith and Sam Shepard, lose yourself in the Harmonium Hypnotism of Swapnil & his band of mystics, who play in a state of trance from a place of inter dimensional inner-vision, and get transcendental with Goddess Breath.

Laying the evolution of love on the dancefloor are ecstatic magicians Lovelution, presenting Celestial Rain, an Intergalactic Downpour of Love, otherworldly Alien Visitations and Extraterrestrial Puppet Shows, wondrous delights from The Cube: Portal to Other Worlds, UFO bound soundscapists and psychedelic world beat jam The Subtonic Monks, intergalactic virtual reality experiences hosted by Occupied VR in the Future Retro Vision tent, rock reggae vibrations Down By Riverside, soulful honcho Christian Bridges, dub spiritual reggaeist Jungle Man Sam, hippie Rainbow Soul Pop Up Party and gourmet health, space snack caterers Cosmic Café. Plus, don’t forget to hire your morph suit for amazing daily Flashmob Conga Lines!

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