Bestival / June 11th - 12th, 2016 / Toronto Island, Canada

Bestival Inflatable Church


Spread the love and confetti!! Our Giant Inflatable Church or rubber love complete with it’s own extraordinary vicar and kooky congregation. Get dressed up in your wedding finery and get married to your best friend, your lover, or your enemy. Increase the Peace in Bestival’s very own outrageous festival wedding chapel! Here we celebrate and worship the six greek gods of Love…Eros (Sexual Passion), Philia (Deep Friendship), Ludus (Playful Love), Agape (A Love for everyone), Pragma (A Longstanding Love), Philaautia (Love of the self) Free from the shackles of any religion the Bestival Inflatable Church encourages free spirited unbound love for everyone; our spiritual love gurus from around the world are ready to guide you through the most magical wedding ceremony of your life…this is a wedding like no other!

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